Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Dalai Lama Website article (2014 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates)

“Peace or violence is ultimately related to our emotions. The demarcation between violence and non-violence lies here in the heart. If we have genuine concern for others, then naturally we defend their rights and our actions become non-violent. So long as we are motivated by anger and fear, the opposite will be true. Fundamentally all 7 billion human beings are the same, so we need to develop a sense of the oneness of all human beings. Too often we focus on secondary and superficial differences like nationality, race, colour, whether we are rich or poor, educated on uneducated and so on, rather than on what we have in common.

「平和や暴力は最終的には私たちの感情に関連しています。暴力と非暴力の間の境界は心の中にあるのです。他の人のことを心から気遣っている場合は、自ずとその人たちの権利を保護するようになり、行動も非暴力的になります。怒りや恐れに動機付けられている限り、その反対となってしまいます。根本的には70億人の人間の間には違いは一切ないので、全人類の間に一体感を育む必要があります。私たちは人類に共通していることに焦点を当てる代わりに、国籍、人種、 肌の色、貧富であるかや教育があるかどうかなどの、さほど重要でもなく表面的な違いに焦点を当てることが多すぎます。

“We can change our way of thinking by changing our education system. At present the education system and our way of life are very materialistic with little attention paid to inner values. When we want to think of inner values or moral principles we turn to religion. But that won’t satisfy everyone. 1 billion people today claim not to have any religious faith and even among those who say they do are many whose faith is corrupt or not really serious. Therefore, I suggest we need a secular approach to promoting basic human values. I use the word secular in the sense it is used in India to mean unbiased respect for all religions and faiths and even for those who have none. 


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