Monday, December 15, 2014

An excerpt from a UK organic cosmetic company's book

Snow was falling fast, clogging her eyelashes while her breath made wispy trails in the freezing air.

吹き散る雪でまつげは瞬く間に真っ白になり 凍るよな空気の中で吐く息は白に染まりました

Yesterday had seen her friend ¬and colleague Susannah stretchered down the mountain suffering from severe altitude sickness.

重度の高山病でタンカで山を下っていった 友達で仕事仲間でもあるスザンナの姿を見送ったのは ¬昨日のことでした

Rowena had tucked a sleeping bag closely around her friend as the porters had tied her to the stretcher frame to secure her on the bumpy ride down.


She couldn’t forget Susannah looking into her eyes and asking, “Will I be OK?”


Now, on the final day of the trek, just a couple of kilometres away only two members of the sixteen strong party had successfully made it to Gillman’s Point, one of the highest points of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro.


The rest of the crew had peeled off and turned back through fatigue or sickness.


Jeff, the director, had collapsed unceremoniously a mere three hundred yards from success.


The journey had been plagued with bad luck, from having to haggle at every stage with porters to a punishing filming schedule to the torrential showers that had completely drenched the party as they trudged through rainforest.


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