Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Subbody Butoh Himalaya (Business Review/Travel), Translation Sample, Japanese to English(旅行記日英翻訳サンプル)


(Japanese to English/英訳)

サブボディ共振塾体験入学記 〜嵯峨真里奈より〜

My Experience at Subbody Butoh Dance School ~ By Marina Saga ~


The glorious snowy Himalayan mountains sit quietly as if they are lost in time while reflecting the soft morning sunlight in the winter. -

リーさんの舞踏スクール、サブボディ共振塾は、こんな雪山に囲まれた北インドのヒマラヤ麓の小さな町、マクロードガンジの近くにある。チベット仏教の大権威、ダライラマ法王と彼が導くチベット亡命政府の本拠地ともあって 世界各国からの観光客も後をたたず, 小さいながらもコスモポリタンな雰囲気にあふれた町だ。町を散策していると、チベット仏教の僧侶や尼僧が身を包む袈裟の深いワイン色に目を癒される。露天のCD屋から聞こえる童謡のように朗らかに歌われる千手観音の呪文が耳の奥に響く。チベット特有の黄金の仏像や色鮮やかな仏画を売るお土産屋が焚いているお香に鼻先をくすぐられる。

Mr. Lee's Butoh school, Subbody Butoh Dance School, is located near McLeod Ganj, a small town in the foothill of the snowy Himalayas in North India. It is the home of the Dalai Lama, the supreme authority of Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan Government in Exile which is guided by him. So while it is small, the town attracts an endless flow of tourists from everywhere in the world which gives it the cosmopolitan atmosphere. When I take a stroll in town, my eyes are soothed by the deep wine red color of the robes that wrap the bodies of the Tibetan monks and nuns. Ringing in the depth of my ear is innocent children chanting the Avalokiteshvara mantra from the CD of a street vendor. Tickling the tip of my nose is the burning incense from a souvenir shop that sells Tibetan golden Buddha statues and bright-colored thangka paintings (Buddhist paintings) which are unique to Tibet.

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